First Cool Roof for a National School in Lima, Peru

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The Project

The First Cool Roof for a National School was a project held by the peruvian national school N° 101 Shuji Kitamura, the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and MASPROTECTO united to protect their roofs from the effects of raining and sun.

Lima, the capital of Peru, is an urban city, with a dry and humid weather and lack of green areas. In this way, the heat island effect is really strong over the buildings specially for schools where there are young students. Cool Roof is a simple and proven solution that can be replicated massively in Peru.

MASPROTECTO has always been looking for innovative solutions like the Cool Roofs which contribute widely to our community. In that way, we promote the use of environment-friendly solutions in both sectors private and national organizations.


Why a Cool Roof ?

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy use, and in this way, reduce energy costs like electricity, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Prevent the heat island effect

Reflect and emit the sun’s solar energy back to the sky instead of absorbing and transferring heat to the building below. For this reason, help to lower outside air temperatures contributing to reduce the heat island effect.

Human health

A cooler air temperature, improve air quality and human health.



Temperature and Academic Performance in Peru

Project Ecolegios

In the study of the Project Ecolegios, Sustainable Architecture, it was proven that a clear connection exists between the ambient temperature and the academic performance. The best performance is reached by a room temperature about 23 C °.

Thermal comfort

And as a conclusion: “Increasing the temperature, results in lower academic performance”.  Additionally, it was also demonstrated that an increase of temperature of 32 C°, very often in the Peruvian forest and the north coast of the country, limits the academic performance around 40 %.

Lima, desert city

The same situation happens in Lima, the capital of Peru. An urban city, with a dry and humid weather and lack of green areas, where the heat island effect is really strong over the buildings specially for schools where there are young students.



Project Management

Cool Roof Demonstration

Our first step is the First Cool Roof for a National School in Lima, Peru. Initially, the school has the need to prepare the roofs waterproofing and protect them from the raining. At that moment, they considered the installation with regular asphalt membranes, which was not viable because of the expensive surface preparation that it was necessary and the costs of the material with high quality to ensure a good waterproofing for a long term.

Why not a Green Roof in this case?

 A good and green solution to consider was a Green Roof, but in a city like Lima, these systems are still expensive for Peruvian national institutions and difficult to keep on time for the lack of water.

Cost/Benefit Balance Solution

Once we present the multiple benefits of the Cool Roof and its lower costs compared to the alternatives before, the Director of the National School 101 Shuji Kitamura and the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) embrace the idea with much enthusiasm.


Introducing Cool Roofs in Peru

About us

MASPROTECTO is a Swiss Peruvian company specializing in giving waterproofing solutions in Peru, encouraging the use of eco-friendly roofing like the Green Roof and Cool Roof. As well as before we promote Green Roof, nowadays we are determined to promote the appropriate use of Cool Roofs in Peru helping to public and private organizations to understand the technical aspects to consider, as well as the materials and energy-efficiency standards for Cool Roofs in order to have all the benefits from them.

Promoting Cool Roofs

We present our experience at the Swiss Embassy as an open opportunity for urban designers, architects, landscaping designers, engineers and companies of all sectors interested in the Cool Roofs. Our seminar “The new Green Roofs: White is the new Green” was successful.


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